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Thursday, July 17, 2014

mms isn't guaranteed to work apn mms settings getting them to work.

It may not be anything you have done, on the net10 website it says "mms isn't guaranteed to work" if that is the case you might just have some bad luck and nothing will work. You can try deleting the apn settings for both mms and internet, after you have done that power off the phone wait a few seconds then turn it back on. Once its back on enter the apn setting again for mms and internet once you have entered, saved and double checked the settings turn the phone off again, wait about 60 seconds this time before turning it back on. Once its back on test the internet and test the mms by sending yourself a picture. Make sure you have a pretty good signal because i couldn't send pictures when i was running edge "E" with one bar. Let me know if that works for you. My phone isn't unlocked btw. Please view are other post and see the APN settings and MMS settings. 

You can also reset your phone to the factory default settings and start over. I have found that this works sometimes. Good luck and please post for others..

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