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Thursday, July 17, 2014

mms on an at&t samsung skyrocket sghi727 running android 4.0.4 Net10

Problem resolved with NO help from Net10 customer service. The resolution came from various forums out on the net. I thought I would pass along what I learned. Here is what works for both internet and mms on an at&t samsung skyrocket sghi727 running android 4.0.4 in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area.

Created new apn as follows:

Name - net10
apn - wap.tracfone
proxy - not set
port - 80
user name - not set
password - not set
server - not set
mmsc - http://mmsc.cingular.com
mms proxy -
mms port - 80
mcc - 310
mnc -410
auth type - not set
apn type - internet + mms
apn protocol - ipv4

Make sure you select this apn. You might not be able to delete the original at&t apn. I wasn't. Didn't seem to matter. I also didn't need to restart my phone for the 4G symbol to show up to the left of the signal strength bars. Once I saved the new apn and selected it, the 4G symbol appeard within 15 seconds. I hope this saves somebody a lot to time and headaches. Pass it along! 

For what it is worth, I've been using net10 since 2008. I started out with a basic cell and worked my way up through the lg45c to this skyrocket a buddy of mine gave me when he upgraded to the siii. I have found net10 cellular and data service to be very reliable once the phone/sim is properly programmed and activated. The time spent dealing with customer service during this initial configuration can be a real headache... this time in particular. But, once established the service is reliable. DONT FORGET TO RENEW YOUR SERVICE OR SET UP AUTO RENEW. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PHONE NUMBER FOREVER! Been there, done that, got a t-shirt. Wish I hadn't been so lazy. 

Good luck.

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